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Fabrics > Aida
All Fabrics are sold by the Yard, Fat Half, Fat Qtr or Fat 16th.  The price shown is the square inch price.  (Yard - approx. 36x54  Fat Half - approx. 27x36  Fat Qtr - approx. 18x27 and Fat 16th - approx. 13x18)
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14Ct Aida - Ivory


14Ct Aida - Ivory YARD


14Ct Aida - Mermaid's Tale Opalescent - Ft. Qtr


14Ct Aida - MInty Green Opalescent (Per Yard)


14Ct Aida - Orange


14Ct Aida - Pewter (Per Yard)


14Ct Aida - Rum Raisin Opalescent - Ft. Qtr


14Ct Aida - Silvery Moon


14ct Aida - Victorian Green


14Ct Aida - White


14Ct Aida Fog - YD


14Ct Aida Linen - Raw Natural


14Ct Aida Summersky


14CT Aida, Touch of Grey (Per Yd)


14ct Jobelan Aida - Thyme


16Ct Aida - Orchid Garden Opalescent - Ft. Qtr


18ct Aida - Great Pumpkin


18Ct Aida - Light Blue (Per Yard)


14Ct Aida Antique White


14Ct Aida Chalk Board Black


14Ct Aida Lambswool


14Ct Aida Opalescent


14Ct Aida Rustico Natural Oatmeal


14Ct Aida White


14Ct Yorkshire Driftwood